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Tegucigalpa and Its Surrounding Villages

Tegucigalpa and Its Surrounding Villages

Hurricane Mitch stormed its way through Central America in 1998, devastating the human and social condition in Honduras. Close to 6,000 were killed with 8,000 missing, 1.5 million found their homes washed away, and one-third of the road structures were destroyed, crippling the economy and isolating villages from access to food, work, and medical services, leaving many on the brink of starvation.

Many still struggle to survive, and the years of turmoil show on the people’s faces. A woman sits outside the make-shift clinic whom I discover is fifty though she appears twenty years older — her face is a diary of her difficult life. Another woman arrives with her one year-old son. Because she was not able to find a way to a doctor when he became ill, she learns he is now permanently deaf. Another has cancer. The only treatment available is out-dated aspirin and vitamins. While parents select one pair of shoes for each family member that will have to last a year or more, the children seem oblivious to their conditions. Toddlers make a game of chase, and youngsters lie against trees watching others play soccer on a rock-filled field.